For Whom

Although STeLA was initially mainly meant for science and engineering students, we welcome students from all majors now-a-days. The STeLA Forum is for bachelor students and master students. From any place in the world. As long as you are enthusiastic about leadership, about developing yourself and about meeting other people and cultures, and have an interest in technology.

Our Forum is mainly for students who haven’t been in touch with leadership before, at least not rigorously. So if you already have experience with leadership courses, the theory we teach may overlap, although we focus mainly on distributed leadership. And even if you know the theory already, this doesn’t mean you can’t learn anything during the Forum. In contrary, because on top of teaching the theory we also put this immediately into practice using discussions, games and a group project. Moreover, at the end of the day we use intensive reflection moments to develop yourself further, which brings along a great learning curve.

Furthermore, every year the Forum has another theme to give the leadership theory a more interesting background to implement the lessons learned during the leadership sessions. Therefore, the forum will keep its main focus on leadership, teamwork and personal development while less about the theme itself. The theme will be a returning subject throughout the forum though, in discussions, games and the group project.

Are you curious whether the Forum is suited for you or have any doubts, don’t you worry. You can contact us anytime with any question.