Are you excited to join our forum? Then please follow this procedure!

First you have to fill in the application form on the website. This form will consist out of 3 essay questions and is the first selection.

Are you through, then the next part of the selection will be a (Skype) interview of about 30 minutes.

Based on the interviews we will make the final selection for the forum

Starting from this year we will have 2 rounds of applications:

  • The first, early round will start in January and end by mid February.

  • The second, late round will start in March and end by mid April.

The reason behind having two rounds is to make sure we are able to make a good selection of participants and balance the participants from all over the world.

Applying during the first round will give you a higher chance of selection, since none of the spots for the Forum is taken.

In case of missing the first round for any reason, then the second round is still a wonderful opportunity to apply for the STeLA Forum, because there might still be a great spot left open for you.