Application procedure

The application procedure for the STeLA leadership forum consists of 2 stages. In the 1st stage, applicants are required to submit a CV and answer 3 essay questions. The selected applicants of the 1st round are invited for interviews via Skype or in person, depending on the branch. Finally, the applicants with the best performance in both stages of the application procedure are invited to attend the Forum. 


The application form consists of a CV, and 3 short responses. The application period this year is between February 25th and April 15th. We accept applications on a rolling basis. Candidates who submit their applications early have a higher likelihood of receiving an offer to participate the forum. A week after the application period has ended, all applicants will receive a notice of whether you have been selected for an interview or not. We aim to hold the interview in early- or mid-May (possibly earlier for participants with outstanding applications) ! 


The interview will be conducted by senior STeLA members and will include, but is not limited to, questions regarding your CV and responses provided in the application. Shortly after all the interviews have been held you will be informed whether or not you have been invited to join the STeLA Leadership Forum.

Participation Fees / financial support

Participation fee for the forum is USD 550, yet it is still provisional. For non-US participants, our financial team will ask to pay the same amount in EUR/RMB/JPY. At the same time, STeLA tries to minimize the admission fee as much as possible. All fees raised are strictly to cover your accommodation, food and other conference related expenses. This fee does not include travel expenses to and from the forum. Students are encouraged to find financial support themselves and advised to contact their home university, for example at the international office or student advisors, about the possibilities of grants. Another possibility is to apply for sponsorship by a company. If you have any concerns regarding finance, please feel free to contact us via email. 

QUICK REMINDER of The forum!

Venue: The University of Tokyo (Japan)

Date: 7th-16th August 2018

Number of Participants: From 40 to 50 selected students among the globe! 

Fee: USD 550 (Provisional) 

About The university of Tokyo!

Established in 1877, the University of Tokyo is a public research-based university located in Bunkyo, Tokyo. The University of Tokyo is considered to be the most selective and prestigious university in Japan and is counted as one of the best universities in the world! The university has graduated many distinguished alumni, including 11 Nobel Prize laureates and 15 prime Ministers.

University of Tokyo website:

Application form Tokyo 2018

To apply for the forum, you are required to fill in your personal information below and submit your CV through a link from any upload service. Additionally, you must answer 3 short essay questions. The 1st one is a personal question which deals with your reasons for applying. In the 2nd, you are asked to answer a question on the topic of this year's forum. The last question deals with your previous leadership/teamwork experiences.

Question 1

What are your future career goals? How do you think your experience with STeLA Leadership Forum 2018 will better prepare you for your future?

*Please answer in English, and limit your response to 300 words.

Question 2

The theme of this year's forum is Smart Cities and Internet of Things. Describe what your ideas are about this theme and why it would be a relevant topic for you. 

*You may answer in English, Chinese or Japanese. Please limit your response to 300 words. (For Japanese: 600-800 words. For Chinese: 300-400 words.)

Question 3

Describe a situation where you have led or contributed to a team. Please provide specific examples as to what teamwork skills you demonstrated and how they helped you accomplish your goals as well as the team’s goal. Please also mention the nature of the team you worked in (interdisciplinary, of the same major, etc).

*You may answer in English, Chinese or Japanese. Please limit your response to 300 words. (For Japanese: 600-800 words. For Chinese: 300-400 words.)