STeLA - Science and Technology Leadership Association

Empowering the Future of Science, Technology and Society

STeLA is an international student-run organization aimed to create an international network of the next generation of leaders in science and technology. This is done by organizing an annual STeLA Forum, where excellent students from universities worldwide are brought together to develop themselves, learn from each other and form a lasting network.

STeLA tries to minimize the admission fee as much as possible. All fees raised are strictly to cover the accommodation, food and other conference related expenses. Hence, we are conducting a crowdfunding via a Japanese crowdfunding site. Support our activities here:

STeLA at University of Tokyo , After-Movie 2018

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We have arranged annual fora in the U.S, Europe, Japan and China since 2007 at some of the worlds best universities like MIT, Stanford, Peking University, TU Delft and the Natural Institution for Youth Education in Japan. 


Apart from the annual forum, we arrange several other events and workshops around the world. 


STeLA is active on all social media pages. We would love for you to follow us to learn more about leadership and what we do. 

For more information, check the About page.