• What does STeLA expect from the participants?

    We welcome all students from a science background or have interest in science. Here at STeLA, we are looking for passionate students who are interested in distributed leadership and teamwork, people who are open to diversity, people who are open to diversity, people who are willing to share their opinions with others and people who are eager to learn from everything, from the inspiring lectures to the interesting games, and from the fabulous keynote speakers to their amazing team members.

  • What’s the selection procedure?

    See the Procedure page for more details.

  • When can I apply?

    Applications will open starting from January 2019.

  • Can ‘I’ apply?

    If you are a student, bachelor either master, you can apply for the Forum. For more information see For Whom page.

  • What is the participation fee?

    The participation fee for coming year is not known yet.

  • Why do I have to pay a participation fee?

    STeLA is a non profit organisation, so although we don’t make any profit we need some revenues to be able to organize the Forum. We try to get most of the revenues from sponsors, but the remaining funds need to be paid by the participants and the staff joining the forum.

  • Are there any scholarships?

    STeLA itself doesn’t have any scholarships. However, sometimes it is possible to get scholarships from your university.

  • When does the forum take place?

    The Forum always takes place in the beginning of August. This year the Forum will take place from 5th of August until 16th of August.

  • Where does the forum take place this year?

    The Forum always takes place in another country. The site of the 2019 Forum is not known yet.

  • Can I get credits?

    You can not get credits from STeLA itself, but maybe you could get credits from your university for joining the Forum.