The STeLA Forum is a 10-day-event about leadership with every year a different theme to spice it up. This means that we give you theory about distributed leadership and also information about the theme of that year. However, the focus will be mainly on developing yourself. This will be done by working together with students from different backgrounds with different insights, and mainly by the reflection moments, which are really a key part of our Forum. So, you will learn about leadership, the theme of the forum and teamwork, but most importantly about yourself.

The STeLA Forum is divided into 3 different kind of sessions: there are leadership and thematic sessions, as well as a group project. During leadership sessions, we teach the concepts of distributed leadership, which we believe to be the most effective in areas related to science and technology. The thematic sessions explore a current theme (different every year), relevant to science and technology, and we use this as a medium for discussions and knowledge sharing. Lastly, the group project is where the participants take the skills they learned in the leadership session along with the knowledge they gained from the thematic sessions, and practice those in a rigorous 3 to 4 day team challenge. Next to these sessions, the forum also consists out of daily (group) reflections, keynote speakers and a site visit. More about the different aspects of the Forum at the Structure page.